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An Insert Tray for Every Situation

Insert trays are all about keeping the items you use most close at hand while maximizing the space inside your Jokerbox. Are you carrying a lot of small items? Big items? A combination of both? Ben designed an insert tray just for your situation.

Jokerbox with Gear
Medium Tray Demo

Small Insert Tray

Small Tray
It’s no accident that the Small Insert Tray is the perfect size for C-47’s and cube taps. It was originally designed for grip work, but other professionals have found that the Small Insert Tray is perfect for their work too.
Interior Dimensions: 3in (7.6cm) deep 4in (10.1cm) wide X 9in (22.8cm) long with divider 2.25in (5.7cm) from the end.

Small Tray In Box
Small Tray C47s
Small Tray with Gear Demo

The unique design of the full size Grip and Flex Jokerboxes allows you to use two Small Insert Trays in one box. This maximizes the use of space while still allowing you to wrangle spring clamps or carry tall aerosol cans.
Dual Small Trays with Gear
Dual Small Trays Divider Demo
Small Tray with Gear

Medium Insert Tray

Medium Tray
The Medium Insert Tray is a great organizer in your Jokerbox or on the go. The Medium Insert Tray comes with adjustable dividers on one side and a pair of finger holes with rounded edges to make handling the tray more comfortable.
Interior Dimensions: 3.25in (8.2cm) deep 10.9in (27.7cm) long. One side is 3.9in (9.9cm) wide. The side with dividers is 4.4in (11.2cm) wide

Medium Tray in Jokerbox
Jokerboxes Medium Tray Divider Demo
Medium Tray Finger Hole

The Medium Insert Tray was designed with Camera Assistants in mind. These lens-wiping heroes need to carry smaller items and tall aerosol cans. This inspired Ben to design the Medium Insert Tray. Deep enough for a box of 9-volts, media cards, lens wipes and a lot of pens, Sharpies and scissors. But the Medium Insert Tray leaves room in the Jokerbox for tall cans of air or lens fluid. The adjustable divider side of the tray is wide enough to carry 4 x 4 or 4 x 5.65 filters.
Aerosol Demo
Medium Tray Demo
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