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Flex Jokerbox



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FREE!! FedEx Ground shipping to the contiguous United States.

The Flex Jokerbox

Designed to organize and carry all those miscellaneous items you need to have on set, the three adjustable dividers give you the flexibility to customize the layout of the box to fit your hear perfectly.

Product Specifications

Model#: JB-FLEX
Materials: Unfinished Birch Plywood, Poplite, Poplar, Poly
Maximum Weight Load: 300lbs (136.1kg)
Maximum Box Load: 50lbs (22.7kg)
Exterior Dimensions: 17.875"Lx11.75"Wx10.5"H (45.5Lx29.9Wx26.7H cm)
Interior Dimensions: 16.25"Lx10"Wx9.25"H (41.3Lx25.4Wx23.5H cm)
Interior Fitting: Flex interior with 3 Flex dividers

You Decide How to Slice It

The 3 dividers in the Flex Jokerbox are designed to slide in and out easily so you can organize the box just the way you like it.

Deep Enough for Tall Aerosol Cans

If you have ever had an aerosol can tip over and empty its contents into your grip bag, you will appreciate this. The Flex Jokerbox is deep enough for aerosol cans to stand upright. No more mess, and less waste.
Contents not included.

Simple Ergonomic Handles

The angle of the handles may not look like much, but its designed to make carrying a heavy load more comfortable. The handles are angled perfectly to get the load closer to your center of gravity, helping your hands and back. Try it and see. Its simple, but it works.

*Maximum box load is 50 pounds.
Please, lift only as much as you can safely carry.

Some Assembly Required

Every Jokerbox we sell comes as a flat pack. Just put the five sides together. Instructions, glue, and screws are included. Ben’s simple design makes assembly quick and easy. *Trays arrive pre-assembled.

What's Included

  • Unfinished Full-size Jokerbox
  • Flex Interior
  • (3) Unfinished Flex Dividers
  • Unfinished Insert Tray of your choice
  • Unfinished Lid of your choice

A Tray for Every Situation

We have three different tray designs to choose from, small, medium and large. You pick the tray that works for you. For more information about trays, visit the Tray Options page.

Small Insert Tray $25.00
Medium Insert Tray $40.00
Large Insert Tray $47.00

6 Lid Options

Ben has designed the lids on the Jokerboxes to be as multi-functional as possible. For more information about the lid designs, please visit the Lid Design page.

Basic Lid $18.00
Clipboard Lid $22.00
Big Pigeon Lid $40.00
Split Slate/Clipboard Lid Combo $50.00
Split Pigeon Lid Combo $65.00
Split Slate/Pigeon Lid Combo $67.00

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