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When it comes to working in the field, you need as many multi-purpose tools as possible. Ben designed Jokerboxes to be a shooters best friend. We sell them individually, but they are designed to work together to solve a number of common problems on set.

jokerbox-stacked-laptop-work-surface"From the second I saw the Jokerboxes in action, I knew they'd be a valuable addition to our production gear. The ingenious design and flexibility make them an integral part of what we do."

Marty Taylor
Director of Media Design
Northland Church


Sometimes You Just Need a Little Lift

Jokerboxes are designed to be strong enough to stand on. Now you can get the camera up over the crowd and still be able to see in the viewfinder. Jokerboxes also make a great platform for operating the boom mic, or to make your talent a little taller.

jokerbox-used-as-platformjokerbox-used-as-booming-platformstand-on-jokerbox Caution! Do not over-reach.
Set jokerbox on firm level surface. Wear slip-resistant shoes.
Max load: 300 LBS

Room to Work

When you stack the Jokerboxes together they are the perfect height for your audio gear, laptop or just a place to eat your lunch.


A Seat When You Need One

Use a stack of Jokerboxes as a seat for your interview subject, particularly when doing outdoor interviews where chairs are hard to find. Jokerboxes won’t sink or punch holes in the lawn like a chair. Plus, they won’t rock or swivel in the middle of your best sound bite. Stacked WD Stacked Stacked Seat

Stack and Pack

Jokerboxes are designed to lock into each other, making a stable connection when you stack them. The sides are flat and smooth, so they pack easily in your truck or car. This makes packing and transporting Jokerboxes in your vehicle easier, and safer. Nothing packs like a cube.


How We Roll

Jokerboxes are designed to roll nicely on a typical cart. They lock together to travel neatly and securely. Plus, Jokerboxes are the perfect size for riding on both 18 and 24-inch cart shelves. You pick the configuration that works best for you.
            18"shelf - flat                        18"shelf - stacked              24" shelf - saddle bag style

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