Our Story

Ben Mesker Jokerboxes.comBen Mesker is a veteran Director of Photography and owner of Image Garden Inc., a production company servicing media companies and ad agencies all over the US since 2007. Ben’s vast experience includes shooting in Africa, China, Italy, Egypt, Germany, Brazil, Australia, England and Hawaii.
His diverse resume includes feature films, music videos, high-end commercials, documentaries, and corporate videos. His clients include HBO, ESPN, A&E, Universal Studios, Darden Restaurants, Children’s Miracle Network and Walt Disney World. He has worked with many celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Tiger Woods, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and Shaquille O’Neal. Ben is a consummate professional with a client-friendly attitude and genuine “love for his job”. Ben will take your project to heart with enthusiasm, and work with you to make it the best it can be.
After 20 years of working in the field, Ben designed Jokerboxes to be a shooters best friend. His goal is to make the word “Jokerbox” as common as Appleboxes on sets all over the world. And he intends on doing it while making a 100% American Made Product. Where is the tool you need? It’s in the Jokerbox!

Simple is better

Grip Jokerbox Small Insert Tray with GearDon’t let the simple design fool you! Ben has been perfecting these boxes by working with them in the field for over five years. After countless changes and tweaks, he has developed Jokerboxes to be a simple design with solutions to many common problems found on sets everywhere. Plus, they are designed to be flexible enough to be multifunctional tools – used in a number of ways, by many different professionals.
With simplicity comes flexibility, reliability and durability. It’s no mistake that the insert tray in the Grip box is the perfect width for C-47’s. It’s also no mistake that the compartments in the Set Box are wide enough for a regular piece of paper folded in half. Taking special care to create the perfect dimensions in every detail of the boxes has made them a multifunctional tool image makers can’t live without.

Why Wood?

Jokerbox Why Wood Grip Jokerbox
Why wood? Because it’s beautiful, and I believe the world of production could use a little mother nature on set. In a world full of black plastic and anvil cases, many artists and professionals secretly long for the nostalgic, romantic vibes found in wood grain. Call it a nod to the cool old grip boxes found on Hollywood sets of the 30’s and 40’s.