Innovative Lid Design

Keep a lid on it!

Ben designed the lids on Jokerboxes to be as multi-functional as possible. Each of the three box configurations is designed to work with your choice of lid. Simply specify at the time of purchase which lid you would like on your Jokerbox, or purchase one of our Jokerbox Bundles with a specified lid. Prices vary depending on lid design.

Jokerboxes Slate Lid Demo
pg pigeon pillar cu
pg monitor platter

Split Pigeon Lid Combo

Need a Pigeon?   Or Two?

One pigeon is never enough! This lid combo comes with two split pigeon lids each with its own threaded baby pin. Just thread the pin into the lids and you have a pair of sturdy baby plates ready to accept most instruments or grip heads. If you haven’t been using pigeon plates in the field, your missing out on a great classic grip tool.

Gaff Bundle Split Pigeon Demo
Split Pigeon Demo
Jokerbox Pigeon Credenza

A Twist on a Classic Grip Tool

Ben’s corner-hole design not only makes the Jokerboxes easy to open, they also make the pigeon plates more versatile. Use a couple of ratchet straps to attach an instrument to a pillar or tree. Or use the Jokerbox lids with a c-clamp to position an instrument on any door without damaging it. This is a space saving technique that really pays off when you’re shooting in small offices or homes.

pg pigeon pillar wd
pg door front
pg door back

Split Slate/Pigeon Lid Combo

Split Slate Pigeon Lid Combo
Ben has combined one of his pigeon plate lids with an insert slate lid to make a lid combination that will help you light the scene and mark it too.
pg slate clip onbox
Slat Set
Jokerbox Split Pigeon Demo

The innovative insert slate includes a small back focus chart at the top of the slate. This area of converging lines can be used to find focus on the slate faster. Simply focus to make the fuzzy circle in the middle of the target area as small as possible and bingo, you’re in focus. Your editor will thank you for it.

Slate/Clipboard Lid Combo

Split Slate/Clipboard Lid Combo
If you’re marking scenes and taking notes you’re going to love this little combination. The Clip/Slate Lid Combo comes with a split clipboard lid and insert slate, complete with one dry erase marker.
pg slate clip onbox
Slat eSet
Split clip Demo

The split clipboard lid is just big enough for a regular piece of paper folded in half. Perfect for camera assistant notes or to keep track of takes. The dry erase insert slate features a small section of a back-focus chart at the top to make focusing on the slate faster and easier.

Big Pigeon Lid

Jokerbox Big Pigeon Lid
If you’re looking for a simple lid that has problem solving power, the Big Pigeon Lid is for you. This full size lid makes for a sturdy platform when used as a pigeon plate. It’s so big in fact, that it can support an Arri 1K with a Chimera without falling over.

Jokerboxes Big Pigeon Lid on box
Jokerboxes Big Pigeon Lid Demo
Jokerboxes 1K with Chimera Demo

When inverted and supported by a sturdy stand, this lid can be used as a platter for supporting a monitor, smoke machine or your talent’s beverage and script.
Jokerbox Big Pigeon Platter
pg monitor platter
Jokerbox Talent Platter

Clipboard Lid

Jokerbox with Clipboard Lid
The Clipboard Lid ensures you will always have a clipboard handy for time code notes, releases, or the all-important script. The corner hole is great for tying the pen to your clipboard, or for tying the clipboard to the person using it. Now your clipboard won’t lose its intern!
Jokerbox with Clipboard Lid
Jokerbox Clipboard Lid Demo
Jokerbox Cliboard Lid Demo 2

Basic Lid

Jokerbox Basic Lid
The Basic Lid is as simple as it gets. Some of our customers have taped a white card or color chart to one side. Great for a white balance or to make color correcting easier.
Jokerbox with Basic Lid
Jokerbox Basic Lid as Wite Card
Jokerbox Basic Lid Color Chart