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Assembly Video

by Ben Mesker

Assembling your new Jokerbox is easy and fun. Be careful, you might become a woodworker. Enjoy this is a short video tutorial on the joys of assembling a Jokerbox.  - Read More

A Drawer for Every Cart

by Ben Mesker

Jokerboxes unique feet design not only allow them to stack, but when two Jokerboxes on top of one another, the top box can be pulled out like a drawer. Now you can access items quickly and easily without having to unload the cart.  - Read More

Bounce Card on Pigeon Lid

by Ben Mesker

For an easily adjustable bounce card, just gaff tape a pigeon lid to the back of a white card. Now you have a sturdy place to grasp the card with a C-stand or grip head.  - Read More

The Fastest Gaffer in Pittsburgh

by Ben Mesker

Early in my career, the production company I worked for was shooting a commercial on a sound stage in Pittsburgh. One morning in a pre-production meeting, it became clear that the ambitious schedule would require a gaffer that could work very fast while delivering great quality. But who? Who could accomplish this feat of lumens? Just one man’s name was spoken. Everyone whispered when they said his name. Like they were speaking of a legend. I was thoroughly intrigued and wide eyed at the thought of working with… The Fastest Gaffer in Pittsburgh. The morning dawned on the first day..  - Read More

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